In his exclusive interview with "Fox & Friends," President Donald Trump discussed the Yemen raid which resulted in the death of Navy SEAL William Ryan Owens.

Owens was the first military service member killed during Trump's administration. His father, Bill, revealed that he declined to meet with Trump during his son's transferring ceremony.

"This was a mission that started before I got here," the president said. "This is something that they (his generals) wanted to do. They came to see me; they explained what they wanted to do.

"My generals are the most respected we've had in many decades I believe."

Trump said "it was very sad" to meet with Owens' family at the transferring ceremony. However, he said he stands by the mission based on the critical information obtained.

"This is something they were looking at for a long time doing, and according to General [James] Mattis, it was a very successful mission," Trump said. "They got tremendous amounts of information."

Meantime, NBC News reports, citing U.S. officials, that no significant intelligence was obtained from the raid. 

Bill Owens also called for an investigation into the raid. White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer responded yesterday, saying three Pentagon reviews will be carried out as standard operating procedure.

Watch Trump's remarks on the raid in the above video, and be sure catch the highlights from the big interview, here.

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