A picture of White House counselor Kellyanne Conway appearing to be lounging on an Oval Office couch has gone viral today. 

Many expressed displeasure with Conway for what they saw as a show of disrespect as President Donald Trump took photos with leaders of historically black colleges. 

For example, the New York Daily News characterized Conway as "making herself comfortable" on the couch in the AFP photo.

But as Fox News correspondent Adam Housley and others have pointed out, Conway was actually on the couch to take a cellphone snap of the group, which another photo clearly showed.

Below is a sampling of the liberal outrage, including from a Black Lives Matter activist, who claimed Conway was being purposefully disrespectful to the African-American university officials. 

And also there was a lot of ridicule of that outrage...

Stuart Varney discussed the latest "outrage," calling it a "disgrace" that Jimmy Kimmel and many journalists have called President Trump a racist. 

Watch the discussion with Sheriff David Clarke above.

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