"Dirty Jobs" host Mike Rowe was a guest on "Fox & Friends" Tuesday discussing his testimony later in the day before Congress on the importance of blue-collar jobs.

"I'm gonna suggest that the skills gap is every bit as important as unemployment and the presence of 5.6 million available jobs right now that people don't seem excited about," Rowe said.

He said the best way to close the skills gap is to make a case for job opportunities that actually exist.

He added that a sense of completion -- at least for him -- is a driving factor in blue-collar work.

"There is a band of brothers mentality among people who do work that's both important and largely unappreciated," Rowe said.

His message to Congress is simple:

"If you wanna make America great again, you gotta make work cool again," he said.

Watch the full interview with Rowe above.

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