Charles Krauthammer said Tuesday on "Special Report" that President Trump's announcement that the time is right for immigration legislation - as long as both sides are willing to compromise - is "huge news."

If Trump follows through on that promise, Krauthammer said voters can interpret "all of this over-the-top stuff" that Trump has said over the last few years on the topic as a way to "set up a negotiation."

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"This is a 'Nixon to China' kind of proposition," Krauthammer said, referring to the former president's staunch anticommunist rhetoric as a California senator eventually leading to him becoming the first president to visit the country.

Krauthammer said that if Trump and the congressional Republicans offer to allow DREAMers to remain in the country in exchange for meaningful immigration reform and security, it would be an "enormous concession."

The Democrats, Krauthammer said, would have to support "airtight" border security, going beyond the "wall" to include citizenship verification tools and a visa-tracking program.

"They can get a national consensus ... and put the immigration issue behind us," he said.

Krauthammer said that by compromising on the DREAMer issue in exchange for better security, one generation from now the issue will be a moot point.

Such a compromise, he said, "would be a breakthrough."

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