Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt said President Trump's rollback of the "Waters of the United States" rule represents the end of a government "power grab" of private property land use.

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"Farmers are very happy about the beginning of the rollback," Pruitt, a former Oklahoma attorney general, said on "The First 100 Days."

Pruitt said the rule "literally" categorized dry creek beds and ditches dug on private property a "water[way] of the United States," and therefore under government purview.

They were trying to assert authority over land use decisions by landowners, Pruitt said, adding, Trump's executive order is exactly what we needed to see to "send the message to farmers and ranchers."

Pruitt said the government's purview of waterways traditionally fell under those that are used in interstate commerce.

He also maintained that he had not used his Oklahoma state email account to advocate on behalf of private energy concerns, as several Democrats claimed.

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