Chris Wallace thinks that President Donald Trump's address to a joint session of Congress was the best speech Trump has ever given and one of the best speeches any president has ever given in that setting.

Wallace said that 36 years ago, Ronald Reagan reinvented the style of this type of a speech to Congress, and he Trump did that again tonight.

He said that not only did Trump hit on many of his campaign promises and core policies, but he also reached across the aisle to Democrats.

"I feel like tonight Donald Trump became the president of the United States," Wallace said. "Yes, of course, he got it ... 40 days ago when he was sworn in. But so many Democrats didn't recognize him. I think tonight, whether they agree with him or didn't agree with him, he became the president of the United States."

"And everyone's going to have to accept that fact."

Watch more above, and see what many are calling the most emotional moment of the night.

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