Hundreds of storm chasers banded together to honor the late actor Bill Paxton, who played the co-leading role in perhaps the most memorable tornado-themed movie. 

Paxton, who died Sunday at age 61, starred alongside Helen Hunt in the 1996 blockbuster "Twister," in which the two played a pair of storm chasers researching tornadoes.

Upon learning of Paxton's passing, nearly 200 storm chasers logged in on the Spotter Network and entered GPS coordinates to spell out B.P.

The coordinates were entered in an area along the Kansas-Oklahoma border known as Tornado Alley, which served as the backdrop for the film. 

The images quickly went viral, with many commenting on social media and remembering Paxton, who starred in countless films, including "Apollo 13," "Titanic," Aliens," and the HBO series "Big Love."

One meteorologist told The Associated Press that Paxton's role in "Twister" made a lasting impression on him and his colleagues.

"There are probably hundreds, if not thousands, of meteorologists today -- myself included -- who were impacted by the movie 'Twister' and the role Bill played in that," Wetter told The Associated Press in a phone interview. "'Twister' was kind of the first time in a mass media place the meteorologist became cool, if only for a little while."

Jennifer Aniston paid tribute to Paxton Sunday in an emotional speech at the Academy Awards.

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