Former President George W. Bush expressed his belief that ISIS can be defeated in a sit-down with Sean Hannity. 

Bush mentioned that Presidents Obama and Trump have both vowed to defeat ISIS. Trump has repeatedly vowed to "knock the hell out of" the terrorist organization and on Friday, he said at CPAC that his goal is to "eradicate this evil from the face of the Earth."

"Go get 'em, because they can be degraded and defeated," Bush told Hannity.  

"It's very important, in my mind, that we do so that people know they can rely upon us and the people not only governments but people on the ground -- people who want to be free."

He added that many former soldiers that he has spoken with reflect on the good things they were able to accomplish in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"A lot of them say to me I love the idea of girls being able to go to school for the first time in Afghanistan or young kids in Iraq no longer subjected to the thuggery of these ideological thugs," he said.

Bush stopped by the "Today" show earlier today, where he discussed the first month of President Trump's administration.

The former commander-in-chief is releasing a new book of his paintings, called "Portraits of Courage: A Commander in Chief's Tribute to America's Warriors."

He told Hannity that he often gets emotional when he meets with the families of fallen service members. 

"I'm kind of a crier and when a mom hugs me and talks about her son it affected me," said Bush, explaining what he wants Americans to take away from his paintings. 

It's hard for many people to understand but when you go to Walter Reed and a soldier looks at you who's lost his leg and says "I'd do it again," or you ride mountain bikes with these troops that some of them who lost a leg that went back into combat or a mother whose son lost his life and said "I just want you to know my son died doing what he wanted to do." It lifts your spirit. It is amazing. And hopefully my art is able to capture how amazing these people are.

Watch a clip above and see more of the interview all this week on "Hannity" at 10pm ET on Fox News Channel.

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