Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski joined "Fox News Sunday" with Chris Wallace to discuss the president's contentious relationship with the mainstream media.

Wallace said the past few weeks have been dominated by Trump's attacks on the media, the intelligence community and his opponents. He asked Lewandowski if these attacks are becoming a distraction to the president's actual agenda.

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"The media continues to run a false narrative about this president," said Lewandowski, adding that Trump is fine with stories attacking him as long as they are reported fairly and accurately.

Lewandowski went on to list off the various accomplishments so far during Trump's first few weeks in office.

"They have their own agenda," he said of the media. "And this is the first president in a lifetime that has the ability to fight back through his almost hundred million people who follow him through the various mediums of social media.

"He has to do this to get the real story out to the American people."

Watch Lewandowski's full interview with Wallace above. 

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