The Washington Post said Friday it stands behind a story which was denounced by President Donald Trump as "fake news."

In his address to CPAC this morning, Trump continued his assault on the mainstream media and said that "fake news" is the enemy of the people.

He singled out a Feb. 9 Washington Post story in which nine current or former officials confirmed that then-National security adviser Michael Flynn had privately discussed U.S. sanctions against Russia with the country’s ambassador before Trump took office.

In a statement after the speech, Washington Post Executive Editor Marty Baron said "everything we published regarding Gen. Flynn was true, as confirmed by subsequent events and on-the-record statements from administration officials themselves."

"The story led directly to the general’s dismissal as national security adviser. Calling press reports fake doesn’t make them so," he added.

Trump went on to rail against the "fake news" media for making up stories about his administration and using "made up" sources.

"I saw one story recently where they said 'nine people have confirmed.' There are no nine people. ... I said give me a break. I know the people. I know who they talk to," said Trump, later adding that the media should not be allowed to use unnamed sources.

Watch his remarks above.

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