Charles Krauthammer reacted on "Special Report" tonight to an on-the-record, off-camera press gaggle that White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer held in lieu of a briefing on Friday.

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Several outlets, including CNN and The New York Times were reportedly excluded from the session, but later received notes and recordings.

Krauthammer said people are "rightly concerned" about the apparent blockage of unfriendly press outlets.

"The symbolism is alarming," he said, adding that Trump's statement earlier this week that the mainstream press is the "enemy of the people" is also concerning.

"He uses a phrase from [Vladimir] Lenin: enemies of the people. If you were an enemy-of-the-people in Lenin's day, you were dead," Krauthammer said, calling the phrase a "historical term that should never be used."

Krauthammer said Trump's rhetoric on the subject "works on the base," but not as much with mainstream Republican voters.

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