Filmmaker and activist Michael Moore says the voter uproar that has broken out at town halls hosted by Republican lawmakers "makes the Tea Party look like preschool."

During an interview Wednesday on MSNBC's "All In," Moore said these "massive" protests are an encouraging sign for everyone who opposes President Trump and his agenda.

Moore, who on Tuesday posted a "10-Point Action Plan to Stop Trump," said the recent demonstrations and marches have reached a level of activism that he hasn't seen in decades.

"I'm telling you folks, those of you who are younger, this hasn't happened since 1970," Moore said. "You do have to go back, you'd have to go back before Kent State, before to where you saw crowds like this. And even then, you didn't see middle class. You didn't see grandmas."

He added that it's not "paid protesters" who are coming out, but everyday Americans who love their country.

Watch Moore's remarks above, and see him explain why he thinks Trump is the "godfather of fake news."

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