Former House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) cast doubt on the reality of repealing and replacing ObamaCare, during an address to a health care conference.

Boehner, a former Cincinnati-area congressman, told a crowd in Orlando that Republicans "never, ever agree" on health care policy and that a repeal "is not going to happen," Bret Baier reported on "Special Report."

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Boehner spokesman David Schnittger confirmed the accuracy of the remarks first reported by Politico, but said they were missing some context.

Schnittger said Boehner is confident that the Republican majority will "right the many wrongs of ObamaCare," according to

"His point was that the process of doing it from start to finish will not be an instantaneous one, and I think that's already been borne out by recent developments," he said.

At the conference, Boehner said Republicans will "fix the flaws" in ObamaCare and "put a conservative box around it."

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