Connecticut's governor has issued a memo to his state's authorities, asking them not to abide by federal law regarding illegal immigrants, the Hartford Courant reported.

Gov. Dannel Malloy, chairman of the Democratic Governors Association, told both school and law enforcement officials they may disregard federal procedures for handling illegal immigrants, in the wake of a recent executive order.

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Malloy instructed Connecticut officials not to give Immigration & Customs Enforcement agents access to schools or penitentiaries, and urged them to refrain from detaining illegal immigrants solely based on their immigration status.

The enforcement of President Trump's executive order reminding municipalities of their responsibilites regarding immigration law "is going to have a local impact, especailly ... on state and municipal budgets," Malloy said.

Nodding to Connecticut's establishment as an original colony, Malloy said the state's families should be kept safe whether they arrived "300 years ago or three days ago."

Earlier this month, Malloy also slammed Trump after the president tweeted criticism of one of the his state's senators, Democrat Richard Blumenthal.

Trump revived accusations of stolen valor against Blumenthal, noting he falsely claimed on the campaign trail that he served in Vietnam, to which Malloy responded that he was "pleading with Washington to take [Trump's] phone away."

The Constitution State has been considered a sanctuary state for illegal immigrants under Malloy's tenure.

Gov. Malloy will debate Tucker Carlson tonight at 9:00 p.m. ET on his decision to ignore Trump's order. Don't miss it!

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