UPDATE: Police in Flint located the two men who left the shirt and determined that it was done as a prank. Read more, here.

A young Michigan woman's warning to others about a shirt suspiciously placed on her car windshield is going viral. 

Ashley Hardacre, 19, said she suspects the shirt was carefully wrapped around her wiper blade in an effort to lure her out of the car late at night to remove it. 

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It happened last week outside the Genesee Valley Mall in Flint, where Hardacre works. She posted a photo on Facebook, writing that the shirt would not come off simply by running the windshield wipers.

Hardacre explained that she noticed other cars running around her and felt uneasy, so she drove to a safer spot nearby and unwrapped the shirt from the wiper. 

She said her mother had warned her about similar incidents and that it could be a tactic of human traffickers targeting young women.

Police saw Hardacre's Facebook post, which has now been shared more than 100,000 times, and got in touch with her. They were reportedly looking at surveillance footage in an attempt to see who left the shirt.

Watch more in the local report below.

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