The Conservative Political Action Conference is underway at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center in National Harbor, Maryland, and Sean Hannity is on hand for the annual gathering.

During a special taping of "Hannity" at CPAC, he delivered a rousing speech about where we are as a country and President Trump's agenda.

"This is a historic opportunity for us to get this country together," Hannity said. "We have an opportunity, but we have forces that are working very hard against us."

He explained that Trump and his supporters are fighting a four-front war against the establishment media, establishment Republicans, Democrats and the "snowflake brigade."

Hannity said that despite all the opposition, Trump has set about following through on his campaign promises, from "extreme vetting" to appointing an originalist to the Supreme Court to cracking down on illegal immigration to repealing and replacing ObamaCare.

"For him to be successful, he's going to need every one of you in this room to stay engaged, to fight, to help, to call and to be active in the process," Hannity said to the crowd. "Are you all willing to do that?"

Watch Hannity's monologue above, and see the full list of CPAC 2017 speakers and events, here.

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