Julie Roginsky called on left-wingers who oppose President Donald Trump to refrain from comparing him to Adolf Hitler. 

On "America's Newsroom," Roginsky was asked to respond to a Tucker Carlson interview with a protest organizer who claimed Trump is even more dangerous than the German Nazi leader.

Abby Huntsman asked whether the "dangerous" comparison goes too far and hurts the argument of people on the left who genuinely want to oppose Trump's policies. 

Roginsky said people are going too far when they argue that Trump will try to go after the opposition and enforce laws in the same way Hitler did.

"Let's leave the Hitler analogies to talking about Hitler and people of his ilk. Certainly there is no place to analogize anyone to Adolf Hitler in American public life today," she said.

Roginsky, however, said that "responsible" Democrats in the House and Senate are not making this comparison and pointed out that Republican lawmakers are seeing a backlash to Trump's policies at town hall events.

This isn't the first time the Hitler comparison has surfaced. Former Mexican President Vicente Fox made the comparison last February, while comedian Sarah Silverman did the same in a comedy skit last year. 

Actress Meryl Streep compared Trump's supporters to the Nazi brownshirts after she triggered a backlash with her comments about Trump at the Golden Globes.

Watch the discussion above.

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