In recent days, liberal activists have been disrupting town hall events hosted by Republican lawmakers, which just exposes the left for who they are, according to Pete Hegseth.

On "Your World" today, Hegseth, an Army veteran and Fox News contributor, said these protesters are shutting down any discussion and debate, in order to make a political point.

"This is the left's discredit, revolt, undermine Donald Trump strategy," Hegseth said, adding that these disruptions are obviously highly coordinated and organized.

He urged Republican lawmakers to continue to hold town halls, stand their ground and hope for real discussion.

"It also exposes the left for who they are," Hegseth said. "They're intolerantly tolerant. They will shout you down and try to shut you down, as opposed to try to discuss with you. They want to make you look bad. In the process, they make themselves look bad."

"I think voters are sick of this type of thing."

Watch more above, and see how President Trump responded to these "liberal activists," here.

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