Tonight on "The O'Reilly Factor," Bill O'Reilly debated two Mexican-American journalists on President Trump's illegal immigration policies.

Journalist Giselle Fernandez said there were two major protests in Mexico City recently against Trump's "ramped up" rhetoric against both documented and undocumented immigrants.

O'Reilly challenged Fernandez on the issue, accusing her of purposefully ignoring the fact that Trump is targeting criminal illegal aliens for deportation from the U.S.

He said that Mexicans must notice the rampant violent crime that the drug cartels are effectively exporting into America.

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Fernandez said Americans' consumption of illegal drugs is fueling that phenomenon.

Syndicated columnist Ruben Navarrette said Mexican citizens can separate illegal immigrants coming for better work prospects from those that choose to commit crimes.

He said the big problem, however, is that the Trump administration cannot see the difference between the two groups.

Navarrette argued that the administration has "blurred the line" on what qualifies an illegal alien as a criminal, and now anyone in the U.S. without documents falls into that category.

As for Trump's proposed border wall, he said that Mexicans "take offense to it."

"How can they see as an insult when they know ... that the drug cartels are pouring tons of narcotics into America, and this wall may help stem that?" O'Reilly asked. "Why would they be insulted?"

See the fiery segment above, and be sure to watch O'Reilly's powerful Talking Points Memo on Denver's sanctuary city policy.

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