Michelle Malkin, senior editor of Conservative Review, joined "Fox & Friends" Wednesday to discuss her views on so-called sanctuary cities.

"First of all, we have to stop calling these places sanctuary cities. They’re outlaw cities. These are safe spaces for criminality, and people are sick and tired of it," she said.

Malkin said "ordinary Americans and taxpayers" are now being heard by President Donald Trump regarding sanctuary cities, rather than being subjected to "their pandering mayors and mush-minded police chiefs" who are serving a special interest for open borders.

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She said new Attorney General Jeff Sessions is "committed to enforcing the rule of law and sending a message to every one of these police departments that they must not defy that rule of law."

In the interview, Malkin also discussed how liberals are trying to protect journalists from the Trump administration.

"This is about delegitimizing very legitimate criticism," she said. "This is about trying to criminalize the dissent in America. It's what the left is always about.

"They are trying to invoke some kind of impenetrable shield around journalists who have long enjoyed living in a bubble, and Donald Trump more than any other politician in modern America has successfully pierced that bubble."

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