Charles Krauthammer said on "Special Report" tonight that President Trump should focus on fixing the vetting of immigrants and refugees when he releases his new executive order on the issue in the coming days.

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Krauthammer suggested that Trump "pull an Obama" and allow people who already have visas to keep them, a nod to the former president's ObamaCare promise.

He advised that Trump only needs to "fix the vetting" aspect of the refugee crisis and should forget about the suspension of entry of people into the United States.

He acknowledged Trump, however, will likely include some sort of travel suspension clause in his executive order "out of pride."

The president doesn't want to be seen as "making a mistake" on any aspect of the original executive order that was blocked by federal courts, Krauthammer said.

Watch the "Special Report" clip above, and see Judge Andrew Napolitano weigh in on the new executive order.

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