Judge Andrew Napolitano explained on "Your World" today how President Trump's second attempt at an executive order banning immigration from several countries could be legally "bulletproof."

Napolitano said that Fox News' John Roberts obtained information that Trump's new order, expected within hours or days, will be more geographically broad than his last one.

He revealed that this order reportedly bans immigration from all countries whose refugee-vetting procedures are "not up to U.S. standards," which he said will ensure protection against claims it is a "Muslim ban."

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"That would be bulletproof," Napolitano said.

He said the order, if crafted as such, would give the Trump administration "breathing room" during which to create stricter vetting standards in compliance with other allied countries.

"If that's what is in this order, then the president has very shrewdly avoided all of the problems that the four judges who have written opinions against his order have articulated," Napolitano explained.

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