As the nationwide debate over illegal immigration rages on, Molly Line reported today from Canada on the increase in border crossings that has occurred since November.

Canadian officials say hundreds have crossed since November, with most seeking refugee protection, and the total has spiked in the past year. 

Those who enter typically cite a wide variety of reasons for seeking asylum, including fleeing terrorism in their home countries and the social benefits available in Canada. 

But immigration experts say the contrasting rhetoric between President Donald Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is also playing a role. 

Trump has vowed to crack down on illegal immigrants in the United States, while Trudeau has promised to welcome refugees fleeing violence and persecution.

An immigration lawyer in Quebec told Fox News that crossers are coming from the United States fearing deportation by the Trump administration.

Line reported that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police is looking at adding resources, expecting the crossings to pick up even more in the spring and summer. 

The Fox News crew was on hand as two young men from Yemen walked across the border Tuesday and were met by police.

Watch the full report from "America's Newsroom" above.

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