On "Tucker Carlson Tonight," Ann Coulter gave President Trump an overall "A+" grade for his governance after his first month in office.

She said Trump earned a solid "A" right off the bat because of the fact he replaced former President Barack Obama, and that he's been even more impressive considering the opposition he's faced.

"We've never had a president who's being opposed on all fronts like this," Coulter said.

"Considering all that he has to do, he's Gary Cooper out there in 'High Noon,'" she added, referencing the 1952 Western. "He is standing there alone, and he has done so much in the first month considering that."

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Coulter said she particularly likes Trump's confrontational approach to the press and "fake news" stories, and she sees promise in some of his cabinet picks.

"One of the reasons Trump is getting an A+ is Jeff Sessions at Department of Justice," she said, adding that she is confident Sessions will halt the alleged habit of the federal government hiding immigrant crime statistics.

"The government hides this information," she said, alleging that the contention that immigrants commit crimes at a lesser rate than natural-born citizens is a trope based on a false equivalency.

Coulter said she would advise Trump to take a closer look at legal immigrants as much as he has done to illegal immigrants, noting the Boston bombers and San Bernardino terrorists came to America legally.

She said she only has one complaint about Trump one month in: "He should tweet more."

Watch more from Coulter above, and see Mike Huckabee explain why he thinks opposition to Trump's immigration policies is "manufactured outrage."

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