'More Dangerous Than Hitler'?! Tucker Battles Anti-Trump Protester

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"I doubt there would be many professors in my shoes that would be brazen enough to take on the university when students' rights are violated," Fink said on "Tucker Carlson Tonight."

A conservative UCLA professor, who said his school is blocking students from taking his free speech course, lashed out at administrators for "violating" students' rights.

Keith Fink told the College Fix that after a liberal shift in the school's administration, some students were blocked from enrolling in his "Sex, Politics and Race" course. He said the class size has been restricted due to his conservative leanings.

"I go over principles that govern First Amendment free speech, due process rights and 'kangaroo' campus court proceedings," he said, adding that he often uses UCLA as his example.

"They continuously and consistently trample students' rights," he said.

Fink, who is untenured, argued the school "sends emails that chill speech they don't like" and punishes students who run afoul of the administration's leftist ideology.

On the other hand, he said an obscene cartoon in a school publication, featuring Bibi Netanyahu with a large nose and the Commandments of "Thou Shalt Not Steal" and "Thou Shalt Not Murder" visible in the background, elicited no response from those same administrators.

Watch the clip above. Plus, check out Tucker Carlson's explosive interview later on in the show with an anti-Trump protester who believes President Trump is more dangerous than Hitler.

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