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Tucker Carlson faced off tonight with a protest organizer who's trying to drive President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence from power.

Sunsara Taylor, with "Refuse Fascism," said that Trump and Pence are operating out of "Hitler's playbook" and her group is refusing to accept a "fascist America."

"This is a danger to humanity. And yes, it's in its early stages, but people need to rise up and stop it before it is too late," Taylor said.

Tucker argued that if she truly believed Trump was like Hitler, then she wouldn't be appearing on a television show, she'd be committing acts of violence.

Taylor doubled down on the Hitler comparison, noting that Trump controls the biggest nuclear arsenal in the world.

"He is more dangerous than Hitler ever could have been," she said. "I'm calling for mass political protest and resistance."

Tucker pressed her to explain what she's going to do other than "jump around in the street with a sign in your hand."

"This is silly," Tucker said. "You don't oppose fascism with political resistance. But whatever. You may not know that."

Watch the heated back-and-forth above, and let us know what you think in the comments.

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