An organization originally created to boost former President Barack Obama’s 2012 presidential campaign is behind disruptions at town halls hosted by Republican lawmakers, Peter Doocy reported on "Special Report" tonight.

Doocy explained that Organizing for Action, originally named Organizing for America, is giving liberals directions in how to crash GOP events and increase the appearance of grassroots resistance to President Trump’s policies.

He reported that an online manual instructs activists to sit by themselves or in pairs throughout the front half of town hall venues to "make the perception of broad consensus a reality."

Doocy said the manual also advises anyone asking a question to "look as neutral as possible," and for any attendees to take photos and videos of any chaos.

"The types of disruption that we are seeing at these town halls is a change in tactics for Democrats, because for the first time in eight years, they're on the outside looking in," Doocy said.

President Trump apparently agrees, writing in a tweet that the "so-called angry crowds" are "planned out by liberal activists."

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