In a special "First 100 Days" town hall, two attendees disagreed over President Trump's plan to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border.

"I grew up with a wall," Hatice Iaconangelo, a German immigrant from Berlin said. "I see us as a nation going toward that again. It's horrifying."

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"Berlin didn't start out with a wall and the Russians shooting everybody. I want us to come together as a nation and have compassion for people," she said, urging Americans not to "shut [themselves] off from that which you do not understand."

Iaconangelo suggested border wall proponents "get to know a refugee" and talk to them about their experience before supporting Trump's measure.

Bill Korach, a local Republican Party chairman responded to Iaconangelo, telling her he too was in Berlin at the time of "Checkpoint Charlie" and the other strict post-war measures.

He said the Berlin Wall was designed to keep people in Berlin, while Trump's wall would keep people out of America.

"If we don't have the rule of law, we don't have sovereignty," he said.

Elvira Salazar, a television reporter, said Trump should use his business acumen to deal directly with the governments of Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala, to stem the tide of immigrants from those countries through sound policy decisions.

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