A state of depression among Democrats has been a nationwide theme since the election of President Donald Trump.

And now, doctors are treating this crippling anger as an unofficial medical condition.

"Post-election stress disorder" is the new term created by mental health professionals for what some liberals are experiencing. However, some see this name as a slap in the face to veterans suffering from actual post-traumatic stress disorder.

U.S. Rep. Brian Mast (R-FL) joined "Fox & Friends" Tuesday to discuss the creation of the term.

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Mast is an Army veteran who lost both of his legs and a finger during an improvised explosive device accident in Afghanistan.

"There was a big missed opportunity in naming it 'Post-Election Stress Disorder,'" he said. "I would have preferred they name it 'Post-Inauguration Stress Disorder,' that way they could have called it 'PISD.'

"There's a big difference between being pissed off about things and what happens on the battlefield."

Mast said he has empathy for the stress in people's lives as a result of the election, but that doesn't mean there is any real comparison to service members experiencing the horrors of war.

Watch the full interview above, and share your thoughts on "post-election stress disorder" in the comments section.

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