It's official: after reaching the 32-day mark, Donald Trump will not be the shortest-term president in American history.

This may not seem newsworthy but NBC News seemed to think otherwise, and raised some eyebrows on social media Monday by calling out the "milestone."

The article raised questions, including on "Fox & Friends," about why this necessitated a special mention. Brian Kilmeade called the report "incredible."

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For what it's worth, a search for any similar stories from President Barack Obama's 32-day mark yielded no such reports.

NBC faced heavy criticism on Twitter for the article...

The title of shortest-term U.S. president still belongs to William Henry Harrison, the ninth president who died of pneumonia on April 4, 1841, 31 days into his presidency.

Steve Doocy later pointed out an MSNBC clip in which anchor Katy Tur mentioned the suspicious deaths of journalists in Russia and asked a guest whether Trump's recent criticism of the media represents a "dangerous path."

Watch the discussion above.

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