Laura Ingraham joined Sean Hannity tonight and praised President Trump for following through on his campaign promise to crack down on illegal immigration.

She noted the Department of Homeland Security on Tuesday laid out the administration's plans for aggressive enforcement of immigration laws, including the hiring of thousands more border patrol officers, ending “catch-and-release” policies and beginning construction on a border wall.

"We've got a big problem on our hands," Ingraham said. "It's not about being heartless or cruel or mean. What Donald Trump is doing now as president is fulfilling his promise to do a better job at keeping Americans safe."

She said that many critics of Trump's immigration policies don't believe in borders or American exceptionalism, and they are willing to gamble with the lives of Americans.

Ingraham said that Trump must stay firm in his resolve to do what he pledged he would do, despite criticism from the left, the media and even within his own party.

"We cannot allow Congress to slow-walk major pieces of legislation," Ingraham said. "He's doing what he said he would do. Keep doing it."

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