Tonight on "Special Report," Steve Harrigan took a ground-level look at the effects of crime committed by illegal immigrants, many of whom have been deported multiple times.

Harrigan reported that Mexican national Hector Eduardo Ramirez Gutierrez was deported seven times before he was arrested for dealing methamphetamine.

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"It's not a problem, it's an epidemic," Polk County, Fla. Sheriff Grady Judd said of illegal immigrant felons like Gutierrez.

Harrigan reported that another illegal immigrant, Maria Concepcion, returned to Florida after being deported, and was found to have been smuggling $70,000 worth of methamphetamine per month, while also collecting $900 in food stamps in that time.

She faces 27 years in prison, while her colleague, Ignacio Munoz Delgado was found to have a cache of weapons - "enough to outfit a platoon" - when he was arrested for dealing cocaine.

"These are violent criminals who continue to beat the system, law enforcement officials say, even after they've been arrested," Harrigan said.

He noted that a Trump administration crackdown on illegal immigration, however, could have economic consequences.

He reported that farmers like Paul DeMare have counted on low-wage immigrants, both legal and illegal, to do jobs that Americans won't do.

President Trump's plan to deport illegal immigrants could hurt DeMare, and other farmers in breadbasket states of Florida, Georgia and California, Harrigan reported.

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