CNN's Fareed Zakaria went after President Donald Trump over the weekend, calling his administration a "rocking horse presidency" that has accomplished little in its first month.

Explaining the "rocking horse" comparison, Zakaria said the White House has been moving but not making any progress.

He questioned how average, hardworking Americans are viewing the first month of the Trump administration. 

"What has he actually done? Hardly anything," said Zakaria, taking issue with Trump's contention last week that he has accomplished an unprecedented amount in his first weeks. 

Zakaria said Trump has not started discussions with Congress on major legislation and the one executive order that made an impact -- the travel ban -- was so "poorly conceived" that it was rejected by federal courts and will need to be reissued.

"The Romans said the way to keep people happy was to give them 'bread and circus, sustenance and entertainment.' So far all we have gotten is the circus," said Zakaria.

Trump has lashed out repeatedly at CNN, labeling the outlet "fake news." At his press conference last week, Trump went back and forth with CNN's Jim Acosta, calling CNN "very fake news."

On Friday afternoon, Trump declared CNN and several other mainstream outlets to be "the enemy of the American people."

Meantime, White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus disputed that Trump was attempting a "reset" by traveling to Florida to hold a campaign rally.

"I wouldn't call it a reset because we're quite proud of a lot of the achievements over the past four weeks. ... I think we've accomplished a lot. I think the media has been fixated on a couple of issues that are totally bogus," he said.

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