Tucker Carlson reacted this morning after President Donald Trump mentioned the "problems" in Sweden caused by large numbers of refugees from the Middle East.

The president's mention of Sweden, during his campaign rally Saturday in Florida, was immediately ridiculed, since there have been no terror attacks in Sweden. 

It wasn't immediately clear during the remarks what Trump was referencing with regard to Sweden. 

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Many news commentators bashed Trump after the rally and on Sunday shows, accusing him of trying to mislead people about a terror attack in Sweden.

Trump then tweeted yesterday that the remark was based on a "Tucker Carlson Tonight" segment that aired Friday night.

In that report, filmmaker Ami Horowitz discussed the surge in crime, including rape, since Sweden began accepting large quantities of refugees.

Horowitz accused Swedish officials of being in denial about the problems.

Carlson joined "Fox & Friends" to discuss the fallout, first noting that all U.S. presidents should be "precise" with their words so people know exactly what point they're trying to make.

But he said the media is ignoring the real story, which is the "massive social cost" and political backlash in European nations as a result of accepting large numbers of refugees.

Carlson said nations like Sweden and France have tried "really hard" and spent a lot of money on integration efforts and it "hasn't worked very well."

"Good for Trump and good for anyone else who raises at least that question. Let's have an honest conversation about how you bring tons of people in and make them fully vested in your society. If they can't do it, how are we gonna do it?" he asked.

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