Fox News Radio's Todd Starnes reacted to fierce criticism from liberal precincts of First Lady Melania Trump's recitation of the Lord's Prayer at a campaign-funded rally in Melbourne, Fla., last week.

"It's incredibly despicable, the hate and vitriol that's being directed at the entire Trump family, and it really says a lot about who we are as an American people," Starnes, the author of "The Deplorables' Guide to Making America Great Again," said.

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Criticisms of Mrs. Trump ranged from declarations that not every American is a Christian, to a contention that Jesus Christ is turning in his grave over her public reading.

Another critic said Trump "plagiarized" the Book of Matthew, a reference to allegations that she lifted words from a Michelle Obama speech prior to her Republican National Convention address last year.

Starnes said Trump should be given credit for knowing the words of the prayer, predicting that many in the media and on the far left would not be able to recall those same verses from Matthew.

Criticisms of Trump again exposed the fact that many liberals agree with the sentiment shared by Hillary Clinton last year that conservatives belong in a "basket of deplorables," he said.

"A lot of liberals in America believe that those people who hold to the traditional American values ... are beyond redemption," Starnes said. "The fake outrage is about as fake as what you're going to read in the New York Times' politics section."

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