First Lady Melania Trump came under fire by some on social media for reciting the Lord's Prayer to open President Donald Trump's campaign rally Saturday in Melbourne, Fla.

Left-leaning social media users mocked her accent, religion and the fact that she had to read the prayer off a piece of paper. Others, however, praised the move and delighted in the liberal outrage.

Fox News contributor Taya Kyle, the widow of "American Sniper" Chris Kyle, joined "Fox & Friends" Monday to offer her take.

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"The attacks are unfounded, and I think people don't understand what was meant originally by separation of state and church," Kyle said. "It was meant to protect the churches from government influence. It was meant to protect the people from having the government force a religion down their throat or compel them to believe something their conscience was not allowing for."

Kyle applauded the first lady for speaking from the heart, calling it "beautiful."

"I wish more people in government would speak their mind and their heart, and that's for any religion that they have," she said.

Kyle said those criticizing Melania need to put themselves in the first lady's shoes rather than spewing hate as an intimidation factor.

"Any time you're gonna be in the public eye in any have to accept that you're making yourself open and vulnerable to criticism," Kyle said.

Watch the full interview above, and share your thoughts on the attacks against the FLOTUS in the comments section.

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