In advance of the March 7 nonpartisan primary election for mayor of Los Angeles, attorney David Wohl said incumbent Eric Garcetti (D) does not want to talk about the city's crime rate because it conflicts with his view on sanctuary cities.

On "The First 100 Days" tonight, Wohl accused Garcetti and LAPD Chief Charlie Beck of ignoring a violent crime rate that has risen 10 percent in one year, while setting up a "full service sanctuary city" for illegal immigrants.

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Garcetti enacted a $10 million legal defense fund for illegal immigrants in Los Angeles to utilize if they face deportation, Wohl said.

He added that sources told him a LAPD officer's sister was killed in recent days by a illegal immigrant felon who was deported multiple times in the past but is living in the city.

"You know what his priorities are," Wohl said, "This mayor is hiding the truth."

Mitchell Schwartz, a former Obama campaign official and one of the candidates challenging Garcetti, has reiterated the claim that the mayor is suppressing crime stats, Wohl said.

If no candidate earns a majority, the top two candidates move on to a May general election.

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