On "Special Report" tonight, Charles Krauthammer said he is "encouraged" by President Trump's choice of Gen. H.R. McMaster to succeed Gen. Michael Flynn as National Security Adviser.

Krauthammer explained that McMaster is not one to follow the status quo, pointing to a book McMaster wrote that was critical of President Lyndon Johnson and his administration circumventing the military's joint chiefs of staff in crafting Vietnam War policy.

He added that McMaster was also one of the "intellectual architects" of the 2007 surge during the Iraq War, which was hotly debated at the time.

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Trump Selects Army Gen. H.R. McMaster as National Security Adviser

He noted that many people now praise the troop surge, but it was controversial and a bone of contention within the George W. Bush White House.

"In both instances, he's going against the prevailing assumptions and worldview," Krauthammer said.

"It tells you, this is a guy who will say what he thinks and promote what he wants."

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