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Brenda Buttner, host of Fox News Channel's "Bulls and Bears," has passed away at age 55 after a battle with cancer.

Based in New York, she joined the network in 2000, after hosting CNBC's "The Money Club" and serving as the network's Washington correspondent.

Buttner graduated with honors from Harvard University with a B.A. in social studies and went on to become a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University, where she graduated with high honors in politics and economics.

Neil Cavuto offered a heartfelt tribute to Buttner on "Your World," praising her intelligence, heart and sense of humor.

"She took stock of life much more than any stock in life," Cavuto said. "It's what separated her from everyone else in this business. Not just dollars, you see, Brenda had depth."

"Let it be known that Brenda Buttner made us want to watch a business show with heart. Her heart, her spirit," Cavuto said. "She democratized dollars and just made sense."

"Business journalism is never going to be the same. I just don't know, now that she's gone, whether we'll ever be. Brenda Buttner, gone way too soon at 55."

Many of Buttner's colleagues took to social media to say goodbye and share their condolences:

Watch a touching tribute video above.

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