Thousands of protesters nationwide are expected to participate in planned anti-Trump rallies on Monday as part of the "Not My President's Day" movement.

Nationally syndicated Salem radio talk show host Larry Elder joined "Fox & Friends Weekend" Sunday morning to shed light upon these protests.

"There's a line between protesting and committing crimes, assaulting people, committing vandalism, and many of these so-called protesters have long since crossed that line," Elder said.

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He added that he doesn't understand why so many people are against Trump, who he said has views in alignment with many of the protesters.

On immigration, Elder said undocumented immigrants place more downward pressure on wages and jobs in the inner cities.

"So the people that the Democratic Party claim that they care about, minorities living in the inner city, would benefit by doing something about these porous borders," he said.

Watch the full clip above, and share your thoughts on these upcoming President's Day protests in the comments section.

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