Miami-Dade County commissioners voted 9-3 Friday in favor of upholding Mayor Carlos Gimenez's order to drop the county's status as a sanctuary city.

Miami-Dade is the only U.S. county where more than half the population is foreign-born. As one of his core campaign promises, President Donald Trump vowed to eliminate federal funding to these so-called sanctuary cities.

Judge Alex Ferrer was a guest Sunday on "Fox & Friends Weekend" discussing this vote.

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Ferrer said Miami did not want to lose its federal funding and he thinks more cities will follow suit.

"It's a harbinger of what's gonna [sic] happen across the country as cities are denied the money that they depend on for their budgets and for their special projects," said Ferrer, a former Miami-Dade County circuit judge.

He said Trump plays a direct role in this situation since he is the one that started the change.

"Like him or not, he is living up to his campaign promises," Ferrer said.

Watch the full interview above, and tell us what you think of Miami-Dade's vote and the judge's remarks in the comments section.

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