Greg Gutfeld's Saturday monologue focused on the highlights of President Donald Trump's campaign rally in Melbourne, Fla., and how the president has finally made the Republicans the cool party.

He mentioned the introduction by First Lady Melania Trump, who recited the Lord's Prayer -- which leftists attacked.

"Clearly she plagiarized that from the Bible," Gutfeld joked.

Gutfeld then commented on how Trump listed his accomplishments during the first month of his presidency, since the media has not done so.

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He then discussed the moment Trump pulled super fan Gene Huber up on stage for a few words.

"Now, the left will probably trivialize that moment as ridiculous, but that's the reason we have President Trump and not President Hillary. The mockers and the gawkers do not have a clue about what's going on here," Gutfeld said.

He continued that the nation has witnessed a "revolutionary reversal" in that the right used to be the "party of miserable old farts" but now the left is in a "bitter panic."

Watch the full monologue above, and share what you think in the comments section.

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