Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer was a guest on "MediaBuzz" Sunday to discuss President Donald Trump referencing his opinion on the resignation of Michael Flynn as national security adviser.

During his slamming of the mainstream media at Thursday's news conference, Trump said he agreed with what Krauthammer said regarding Flynn speaking to the Russian ambassador prior to the Inauguration.

"I thought it was perfectly normal, perfectly reasonable," said Krauthammer, a known critic of Trump.

Following years of back-and-forth criticism, Krauthammer said his opinion of Trump has not changed after the president praised him.

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"It's very simple: I call them like I see them," he said. "I had a view of Trump when he was campaigning. I don't make any secret of the fact that I didn't think he should have been president, but that doesn't matter on the day he's sworn-in. He is president.

"At this point, whatever I thought about his ascendant is irrelevant. I want the country to succeed. I want him to succeed. I'm a patriotic American, and I simply call them like I see them.

"Some things he'll do right, some things he'll do wrong, and it will not change my opinion of him. He can flatter me, praise me all he wants. It will not change a bit. I would like him to, but it will not alter what I say."

Watch Krauthammer's full interview with Howard Kurtz above, and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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