A left-wing Mexican presidential candidate held a sizeable rally in Los Angeles and took aim at President Trump, calling his overtures toward building a border wall the "demagoguery of patriotism."

"Long live California," Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador exclaimed, calling the state a "refuge and a blessing for immigrants."

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Lopez Obrador, of the National Regeneration Movement party, told the crowd of hundreds he would seek to file a human rights complaint before the United Nations regarding Trump, according to Reuters.

"If the Mexican government does not [file], we will do it ourselves," he said, accusing Trump of stirring up derision against immigrants and Mexicans.

Lopez Obrador also criticized Trump's campaign slogan of "Make America Great Again," saying that "neither the United States nor the American continent can come first" before a global community of justice and universal brotherhood.

Trump and his current Mexican counterpart, President Enrique Pena Nieto of the center-left Institutional Revolution Party, have also expressed disagreements over the construction of a wall.

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