Jesus saves baby at ifly

An employee at a Houston-area indoor skydiving center saved a falling toddler with his catlike reflexes, and it was all caught on surveillance camera.

The video shows a young boy standing on the counter holding onto his father when he suddenly tumbles backward.

Jesse “Tex” Leos, an instructor at iFly, is standing on the other side of the counter and sees the boy falling out of the corner of his eye.

Leos quickly reaches out and makes an incredible, one-handed catch just before the child's head hits the ground.

The father reaches over the counter to offer assistance while Leos celebrates his amazing save with a flex and thumbs-up to the security camera.

Leos said that regular training for skydiving helps keep his reflexes sharp.

“You’re always on your game right when you’re either in the wind tunnel or in the sky, but I guess some of that obviously bleeds over to outside the wind tunnel,” Leos said.

“We train to keep people as safe as possible inside the tunnel. Definitely my reflexes were quick, and I can attest to that’s the training that we do every day here.”

Watch the full video below, and share your reaction in the comments.

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