Judge Jeanine Pirro weighed in this morning on President Donald Trump's epic news conference and responded to the recent leaks of intelligence about the Trump campaign's Russia contacts.

Pirro said the Thursday afternoon press conference was "vintage Donald Trump" pushing back against the "fake news hogwash" for 77 minutes and taking every question from the mainstream media. 

"I think Donald Trump got up yesterday morning and said, 'I've had it with this fake news hogwash. I've had with my people spending time going out there and trying to rebut what they're saying. I'm gonna go out there myself, I'm gonna talk to the people,'" she said, adding that America is now understanding that the media is not truthful and "if anyone is gonna bring them down, it's gonna be Donald Trump."

Pirro said she believes the Russia-related leaks are coming from Obama administration "leftovers" and that Trump must "prosecute" the leakers.

"This is classified information, serious stuff. ... A lot of these people are very much embedded into the system and he has to find out who they are and that's not gonna be easy," said Pirro.

She described members of the intelligence community as "livid" at Trump and said the leaks are retaliation. 

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