Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said today that the White House is "in disarray" and added that the president often publicly contradicts himself.

At the Munich Security Conference, McCain said the departure of National Security Adviser Michael Flynn shows that the Trump's administration is "in many respects, in disarray," remarking that "they've got a lot of work to do."

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Flynn was asked to resign after information leaked regarding a call he made to a Russian envoy and the fact he was not fully truthful with Vice President Pence.

McCain also said Trump's public statements do not always line up with his actions, suggesting that observers should watch what he does rather than what he says.

"The president makes statements [and] on other occasions contradicts himself," he said.

McCain made similar comments earlier this week about the White House being in "significant disarray" when it comes to national security.

Secretary of State Gen. James Mattis is also attending the global forum, and struck a more positive tone about his boss, assuring the Europeans that America will not shirk from leading the charge against threats from Russia and ISIS terrorists.

He also said Trump supports the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, or NATO, despite then-candidate Trump's calls to revise the alliance, saying that the New York Republican "espouses NATO's need to adapt to today's strategic situation."

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