Howard Kurtz says that the latest Fox News Poll shows that Americans are "so polarized" and that there is "so much distrust" of the media.

The poll, released Friday evening, reflected that 45 percent of voters trust President Trump more than the media, while 42 percent say the media are more trustworthy.

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On "The First 100 Days" tonight, Kurtz said the poll should elicit some "soul-searching for our [journalistic] professionals."

Fox News Poll

The poll also found that 68 percent of voters think the media is tougher on Trump than President Obama, while 18 percent said it is "easier" on Trump.

As further reported:

People want tough press coverage.  A majority, 55 percent, thinks it’s better for the country if the news media “cover the president aggressively.”  Thirty-eight percent feel it would be better if reporters gave the president the “benefit of the doubt.”  

There are the expected partisan differences.  Eight in 10 Republicans (81 percent) trust the Trump administration more to tell the truth, while roughly the same portion of Democrats trust the media (79 percent).  Independents are twice as likely to put their faith in Trump as the press (52-26 percent), while 16 percent say neither.  

Almost all Republicans (92 percent) and most independents (74 percent) perceive coverage as tougher on Trump.  Some Democrats agree: 42 percent say it’s been tougher, 34 percent easier, and 21 percent the same.  

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