Meghan McCain weighed in along with the "Outnumbered" panel on the epic news conference that pitted President Trump against the media. 

Radio host Rush Limbaugh applauded Trump for going after the mainstream media, which he said wants people to believe it is the "watchdog" of those in power. 

"The press has gotten to the point where they need a watchdog and it turns out that Trump is the watchdog, Trump is the guy holding them accountable," said Limbaugh, with Trump taking notice of the comments.

McCain said Trump "was living out every fantasy [she's] ever had about screaming at liberal journalists."

"I love watching the press squirm," she said, slamming the mainstream media for "kissing the you-know-what" of President Barack Obama and failing for years to ask tough questions about ISIS and Syria.

She agreed with those who have likened the extraordinary event to the fake Christmastime holiday made famous by Frank Costanza on "Seinfeld."

"It did remind me of 'Seinfeld,' the airing of the grievances on Festivus. It was like, 'I've got a lot of problems with you people!'" she said, adding that she doesn't blame Trump for his anger over the media coverage.

Lisa Boothe agreed that the "bias is unreal" in the media, noting she has experienced the difference in coverage when working previously for Republican candidates.

"There's a reason why so many Republicans and independents don't trust the media," she said, adding that the media are "constantly trying to hurt the credibility" of the president.

Watch the clip and let us know your thoughts. 

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