President Trump and Jim Acosta faced off again today at a press conference, about a month after the president refused to let the CNN reporter ask a question.

Trump famously would not let Acosta ask a question at a press conference on Jan. 11, branding CNN as "fake news" for its reporting on an unverified intelligence dossier.

Today, however, the president took several queries from Acosta, at one point saying he now will refer to CNN as "very fake news."

Acosta assured the president, "I don't hate you" and that his network also does not "hate" the president. 

He pressed Trump on why he touted the Wikileaks releases during the campaign, but is now calling leaks from within the government "illegal."

Trump said the leaks from the intelligence community in the past week involve "highly-classified information," while the Wikileaks emails involved "John Podesta saying bad things about the boss."

Acosta pressed Trump on a statement moments before in which Trump said the leaks are "real," but the news about them is fake.

Trump answered that he takes issue with the "hatred" that he sees on news programs toward him and the negative "tone" of the coverage. 

He predicted the reporting after the news conference would be negative and falsely claim that he "ranted and raved" at reporters. 

"I love this. I'm having a good time," he said.

Acosta asked Trump whether calling outlets "fake news" could have a damaging effect by "undermining" Americans' faith in the First Amendment and their confidence in the media. 

Trump answered that the media often spins stories that he sees as positive into something "really bad."

"I want to see an honest press. ... It's so important to the public. The public doesn't believe you people anymore," said Trump.

Watch the Trump-Acosta exchange above.

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